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We will be your trusted contact in Spain

people and companies are interested in this type of service that is in high demand. ​


Thanks to our local and national contacts, we can provide solutions to all the demands that our client needs, whether legal advice, contacts with lawyers, due diligence, local contacts in any sector, advice for the purchase - sale of real estate, research on the ground, etc.

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Legal advice

We work with specialized lawyers in all areas and fields, which is a great benefit for our clients, since they will be able to count on the best legal services for whatever they want.

Local contacts

We have the best local contacts for whatever our client wants. We always offer tested contacts and a selection will be made to choose the one that best suits our client.

People Search

Thanks to our great experience, we can search for the person our client wants to find. Our client must always have a legitimate interest.

Field work

An on-the-spot investigation will be done on everything our client needs information about. There are more and more investors or companies that want to expand and do not know how to act due to a lack of knowledge of the country or a specific area. Thanks to our experience, we can perform this service and give the client the information to expand their business.

Business search

We can find the best ally or business search for our client in the field they want. Doing all the procedures and business plan.

All of the above will be carried out with the pertinent investigations so that our client can make the best decision at all times.

We are authorized by the Ministry of the Interior and the General Directorate of the Police to be able to carry out this type of services.

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