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El Informe OSINT, que significa Inteligencia de Fuentes Abiertas, consiste en recopilar información esencial para llevar a cabo una investigación. En este contexto, los datos necesarios se obtienen de fuentes abiertas, es decir, de información de acceso público.

En estas investigaciones, el detective privado accede a estas fuentes abiertas para recabar un extenso conjunto de información, cuidadosamente seleccionada de lo público, que resulte relevante y aporte detalles significativos para la investigación en curso.

OSINT Sources



Source of information par excellence. The network of networks includes an endless number of technologies where information can be obtained, such as chats, social networks (RRSS), forums, blogs, websites, search engines, file repositories, video repositories (Youtube), databases. of data, etc.


Publications in paper format

Opinion articles, analyses, dissertations, journalistic and academic publications, obituaries, yellow pages, white pages, etc.


Traditional media

Such as television, radio, public address systems, newspapers, magazines, brochures, advertising pamphlets, libraries, etc.



Publicly accessible photographs, videos, images and their associated metadata, especially useful if they are live and geolocated.

OSINT report

At KI Intelligence, we specialize in providing high-quality research services to meet the needs of our clients. Our team of highly trained OSINT private detectives uses advanced investigative resources to obtain accurate and reliable results. Whether you need to locate a person or company, investigate and modify the online reputation, obtain information about the situation of a person or investigated, analyze the economic situation of a company or organization, or perform a market competitive analysis, threats and opportunities for your company, we are here to help you. Our commitment is to deliver accurate and timely results for our clients.

The voice of our clients

Mujer en la playa

Fran P.

Excellent professionals, without a doubt it has been great to have them. They comply with the agreement and are fast in delivering the reports. Recommended 100%.
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