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How much does it cost to hire a private detective in Madrid?

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the hiring of private detectives and investigators in Spain. Among the predominant reasons are the investigation of possible infidelities and the detection of scams, especially in the field of insurance. Madrid, the vibrant Spanish capital, is no stranger to this rising trend. In this article, we will explore an essential budget guide that you should consider when embarking on hiring private detectives in this bustling metropolis.

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How is the Price of a Detective in Madrid Established?

The cost of a private detective in Madrid varies depending on the type of investigation and the activities carried out during their work day. The rate is generally set per hour and may include transportation costs if the person being investigated resides outside the city or more than 20 kilometers away.

Common activities during these days usually involve surveillance, which ranges from labor fraud to simulation of accidents and cases of infidelity. The approximate price per hour is between €50 and €60, with the possibility of additional charges for night hours or holidays.

Reporting and Other Expenses

A critical aspect to consider in the budget is reporting to judicial authorities. Although private detectives do not intervene in criminal crimes, in civil proceedings, the associated costs must be assumed by the parties involved. The reports submitted by these investigators are often used as evidence during trials, and if they are required to be ratified by authorities, additional costs could be incurred.

Additionally, expenses arising from the investigation, such as transportation, lodging, food, and obtaining evidence from public records, must be included in the budget calculation. It is imperative that the detective properly justify all these expenses.

What Should You Consider When Hiring a Private Detective in Madrid?

When deciding on a private detective in Madrid, it is essential to follow some key guidelines:

  1. Verify that the detective is a professional authorized by the Ministry of the Interior, requesting his TIP (Professional Identification Card).

  2. Don't go solely by the lowest price; Confidence in the detective's professionalism is crucial, given the confidential nature of the information he or she will handle.

  3. Look for detectives with proven experience.

  4. If you have a lawyer, involve him or her in planning the case alongside the detective. This can be a strategic advantage in the event of legal proceedings.

In summary, hiring a private detective in Madrid involves considering various factors, from the type of investigation to the presentation of reports and associated expenses. By following these tips, you will be able to approach this process in an informed and effective way. May the truth prevail!

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